More Changes…

I love this time of year…the leaves are changing color, temperatures are a little cooler, and oh the fall winds.  The changes all around coax me to reflect on what needs to change in my life as well.
new studio spce This past week I took some time to change the location of my in home studio.  I moved everything from the tiny little room on the 2nd floor where the vision of Journey Jewels was born and nurtured, to an expansive space in the basement of my home.  I love the new space!  And all of this change has refreshed my creative spirit…I can hardly wait to breathe life into these new ideas!
A couple things I would like to share with you this week…
An opportunity to move and connect your core… JourneyDance™ this Friday, October 21st at 7:15pm… a great way to shake out the old and draw in the new!
Every Tribal Goddess needs Feather Earrings ..Catch your Dreams and with Vision Soar to Great Heights!  Feather earrings are now available at More info below…
Enjoy your week…and as always…Shine Brightly!
Lori A Andrus
Feather Earrings!
feather earrings
I love feather earrings…and I believe they are a must have for every Tribal Goddess!  Feathers connect us with the winged ones…they remind us to soar to great heights and embrace a greater picture for our journey!  black feathers & wreath
Each pair of feather earrings is accompanied by a grapevine dreamcatcher…so you may catch your dreams, and as you wear your feathers you may soar with the vision of your dreams!  Shop Now

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