Summer Solstice Celebration Rituals

Summer SunGreetings! 

This week we celebrate the Summer Solstice!  This is an incredibly powerful time, one in which we have an opportunity to bring light to old beliefs, allow them to “burn” in the sun’s fire and then create new practices and beliefs about our self and our life.  I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Summer Solstice rituals…you may even choose to do all of these as you celebrate this day.

1.  Greet the Sun as it Rises – go for a sunrise walk, during your walk pause to welcome the sun as it rises.

2.  Wear the stone Citrine – Citrine is a stone that directly connects us with the sun…and it will bring your vibration into alignment with that of the sun…just as the sun shines brightly, so will you! 

3.  Salute the Sun as it Sets – take a sunset walk pausing to acknowledge the sun as it sets below the horizon.

4.  Fire Ceremony – the summer solstice is a time of celebrating the fire of the sun…what better way to celebrate than to have a fire ceremony?  (directions for you personal fire ceremony are below)


Create Your Own Fire Ceremony

Materials:  Wood, paper & matches for the fire, 2 Small sticks, Scented olive oil as an offering

Your Ceremony

–  Choose 2 small sticks.  1 for your personal intentions, and the other to represent your intentions for Mother Earth.

–  Build the fire.  Begin by placing the 2 pieces of kindling in the form of a Cross ( + ) on the bottom.  Then place the rest of the kindling on top of it and build a teepee of wood above/around it.

–  Create Sacred Space by calling in the four directions, the heavens, and the earth

–  Start the fire

–  If you have a drum, rattle, flute or other instrument, you may choose to play that during this time.

–  Make three offerings to the fire with scented olive oil: 

      1.  First offering the scented olive oil to each of the four directions

      2.  Second offering the scented olive oil to the heaven and the earth

      3.  Third offering the scented olive oil to the circle honoring “all” those present.

–  Watch for the fire to become “friendly”  (it will likely change and burn in a different or softer manner)  When the fire is “friendly,” you may come to the fire to offer each of your sticks holding your intentions.

–  You may wish to draw the warmth of the fire into your stomach for Right Action, heart for Right Love, and 3rd eye for Right Thought. 

–  Close Sacred Space (four directions, Earth and Heavens)

–  Remain with the fire until all flames are out.

 Have a beautiful Celebration!

& Just like the SUN…Shine Brightly!




9 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Celebration Rituals

  1. Lori
    Beautiful, simple ceremony and we all need ceremony in our lives.
    I come from the east coast and have seen the sun rise on Cadillac mountain in Maine-wonderful!!! Enjoy! The Earth and the Universe provides, doesn’t it?

  2. Dearest Sister Shaman,
    Thank you for the Father’s Day well wishes.
    Inti-TiTi (Father Sun) celebrates his special day on the Summer solstice which falls on June 21, 2012.
    Have a glorious celebration. I will be doing a personal Despacho & Fire Ceremony that day.
    As you discribed, the fire ceremony is a simple ritual.
    I use 2-3 foil roasting pans stacked and filled with sand to hold my fire.
    This is very useful if a traditional location is not available.
    Munay Sonqo,
    Gene Coderre
    (Earthkeeper Way)

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  4. Love your ceremonies, ( and your jewelry)! Only problem is that I live in an apt in AZ! Fires are a big no-no even outside! I believe I’ll do the ceremony on a small scale-perhaps in a small bowl on the balcony. Where there’s a will…
    Love your site!

    • Thank you Elaine!
      I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying both the ceremonies & the jewelry 🙂
      Yes, a small bowl on the balcony is a great way to do a fire. I have many times done small ceremonies with just a little bowl and a couple small sticks…they are just as fantastic
      Enjoy & I’d love to hear how it goes!
      with the fiery spirit of carnelian…shine brightly!

  5. Thank you, Lori for the information. I thought I would be joining Laural for the Ceremony and was excited that I could be with all of you. Tickets for travel were purchased, but the doctor would not clear me. I will follow your ceremony and know that we will be together in spirit!

    • Your welcome Lynda. I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t given the travel ok…I am sending you lots of love & will hold space for you at the fire. with rose quartz love, Lori

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