Savoring the Sweetness

Have you ever had a really great idea that feels so brilliant you want to rush into action.  Only when you do, you feel overwhelmed and quickly lose your zest for the project.  Savor the momentThis has happened to me…more than once.  I’ve met with a brilliant idea only to see my own enthusiasm fade before it’s ever brought to life because I rushed to action before its natural time.

Every idea has its own cycle, and I’ve come to realize that when those moments arrive it is a time to pause and simply savor the opening, the connection to inspiration, and savor the experience of connecting with Spirit.

Imagine those moments as just that…being with Spirit…when you do, you will recognize them as a Divine Sweetness that truly must be savored.

I’ve discovered 3 steps to really Savoring the Sweetness and allowing the inspiration to be fully birthed.

1.  Pause & take in all of your surroundings…tune into where you are, who you are with, the weather, temperature, what you’re wearing, what do you smell, see, hear, what does your body feel…do not dismiss anything

2.  Take time to journal about the idea…note everything you experienced dNature Spirit Alteruring your pause…you may even feel as though you are right back in the moment, savor it.

3.  Create an alter.  An alter is simply a space where you place objects or items that honor your inspired idea.  It offers the idea its own sacred space to grow, bloom, and in its own time come to harvest.


Recharge Your Jewel Power

Have you ever wondered how to “freshen up” the energy of your crystals and stones after you’ve worked with them for a while?

Yes, after working with a stone for a bit, their energy can begin to feel a bit stagnant, or perhaps the piece of jewelry that you always wore may no longer feel as energizing.  This is a great way to know that your stones are ready to be cleansed and recharged.

I’ve prepared a video with some great how to tips…Enjoy!

Have a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly!

Easing into Change

“Go bold or go home.”  That was my motto on Wednesday as I sat in the salon chair having my hair color radically changed.  Now I’m typically a pretty conservative girl when it comes to coloring my hair…but this week I was feeling bold, and my cousin (the master colorist & amazing stylist who does my hair) was up for the challenge.

It was frightening and completely exhilarating all at the same time.  Change is like that.  The idea is planted, and we think about it, contemplating how different we may feel if we make the change.  Maybe we get a little scared or scoff at ourselves thinking “why would I ever do that?”  But then something within continues to whisper…”It’s time!”  And finally we listen.

This week I listened, and yep, I was scared seeing my hair go from its familiar brown to a shade of blonde and even a red I never imagined seeing on my head…But it’s only hair right?  You Bet!  And during the 4 ½ hours I sat in the salon chair I thought to myself…if I don’t like it I can always go back.  But I Love it, and right now this change feels brave and daring and hat feeling is just the internal support I need to make my next RADICAL CHANGE!

Yes, there are many radical changes coming in the upcoming weeks.  These changes will impact how you receive this weekly newsletter, the look and shopping experience of, and even the look of my current blog  I’m excited!

Change is good…and don’t worry…I will keep you posted as everything continues to evolve over the upcoming weeks.

Are you also ready for change?

Here are some suggestions for easing into change:

–       Dream, Vision & Imagine!  How will your life be different if you are living your dreams, your vision and what you imagine?

–       Create a sacred space for you dreams.  I love to create both vision boards and alters.  They are an active space for holding all of our imaginings.  They are a space to visually express our thoughts and ideas.

–       Keep your dreams Sacred.  Keeping them Sacred is very similar to keeping them secret.  You want to only share your dreams with those who are able to hold the vision of the dream with you.  Have you ever shared a dream with someone only to have them scoff at it?  The awakening of a dream is like planting a seed…it needs to be nurtured and it needs to be held sacred.

–       Invite support into your life…coaches, mentors, teachers, friends and others who’ve already walked the path you would like to walk  or are living in ways you would like to live have valuable insights that can make your journey so much more joyful.  All you have to do is ask.

My favorite quotes for this week:

“make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt.”  -Jon Krakauer

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”  – Christopher Reeve

“Think about the people who’ve inspired you most.  Imagine what your life would be like if they decided to say ‘no’ to their purpose?”  -Mastin Kipp

“As we come to know, accept, and explore our feelings, they will become sanctuaries and fortresses and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring of ideas – the house of difference so necessary to change and the conceptualization of any meaningful action.”  –Audre Lorde

You Are Radiant!

ImageI was amazed by what happened after writing last weeks message about inspiration…oh my, I feel like a whole new world completely opened up…the simplest things became richly inspiring.

I hope you also found yourself surrounded by a week of inspiration…from a full moon, to 4th of July celebrations & fireworks there was so much to enjoy!

As I moved through the week, one thing become incredibly apparent to me:
When we live our truth we shine with absolute Radiance!

Are you ready to step into your radiance?  If you are, there are 2 things I would like to offer you this week…
1.  Live Your Truth bracelets …large freshwater pearls in 5 different colors, they are stunning (picture below)
2.  20 minute complimentary Know Your Truth consultation. (read “You are Radiant” below)

Each of these offerings come from the deepest place in my heart and I sincerely hope you will take me up on them.

You Are Radiant!

This past week I found myself completely inspired by the way women are living their truth!  It’s no secret, I love Lady Gaga & Katy Perry…and this week I spent time watching Oprah interviews of Lady Gaga and catching the new Katy Perry movie in the theater. 

What I saw was 2 young women who powerfully express their inspiration and push societal boundaries and expectations.  For most of us, it is not our journey to push boundaries in that way, but as we come to know ourselves more intimitely, to know the fire burning within our soul, we are called to live and express ourselves in new and powerful ways…and doing so calls us to Live Our Truth

Finding the courage to do so is not easy.  And often we ignore the whispers within or the moments of inspiration beckoning us to step into our greatness.  This is not the time to sit silently on the sidelines of life….It is time for you to step into Your Radiance! 

Are you ready?  Are you ready for a new experience of life?  Are you ready to step into and embrace Your Radiant Self? 

If this sounds like you and you ready to take the next step on your journey, then I would like to offer you a complimentary, 20 minute Know Your Truth consultation.  Schedule today…email


Live Your Truth bracelets

Mmmm…I love Freshwater Pearls…They shine so beautifully and are available in so many fantastic colors.  Not to mention the powerful way they guide us in living our truth.  Shop Now



Embracing Inspiration

ImageWhen is the last time you felt completely inspired?  Do you remember when, where you were, or maybe what you were doing?

I absolutely love that feeling…it fills every aspect of my spirit and I feel like I’ve connected with a whole new aspect of life.  But I also recognize there are times when inspired moments feel distant.   Perhaps you’re familiar with this feeling.

Within every moment, an opportunity for inspiration exists, but busy schedules and life happenings often interfere with our ability to notice them.

Just returning from a very inspiring journey I’ve noticed several strategies for embracing inspired moments.

1.  Spend time in nature…for me some landscapes bring more inspiration than others…do you know what landscapes inspire you?

2.  Create stillness in your mind…for some people this may be sitting on a cushion and meditating…but for me the best times and places for creating stillness within my mind is when I am going for a hike or working in my garden doing repetitive tasks such as weeding or trimming back plants.  What are your strategies for creating stillness?

3.  Imagine…this allows our inner world to expand to include both real and outlandish ideas…every idea, especially the outlandish ones inspire a new pathway of ideas.  Let your mind become child like and let your imagination run wild!

4.  Oh yes…there are Stones for inspiration…Carnelian ignites your inner fire and creative spirit.  It brings a deep sense of peace & connection with the Divine, the true source of inspiration.  This breathes life into concepts & ideas while supporting you as you take action.   Lapis Lazuli awakens ones intuitive nature, in particular accessing guidance for their own personal journey.  It expands ones vision beyond current obstacles so as to see the greater picture of their journey.

Enjoy Your Inspiration!



Summer Solstice Celebration Rituals

Summer SunGreetings! 

This week we celebrate the Summer Solstice!  This is an incredibly powerful time, one in which we have an opportunity to bring light to old beliefs, allow them to “burn” in the sun’s fire and then create new practices and beliefs about our self and our life.  I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Summer Solstice rituals…you may even choose to do all of these as you celebrate this day.

1.  Greet the Sun as it Rises – go for a sunrise walk, during your walk pause to welcome the sun as it rises.

2.  Wear the stone Citrine – Citrine is a stone that directly connects us with the sun…and it will bring your vibration into alignment with that of the sun…just as the sun shines brightly, so will you! 

3.  Salute the Sun as it Sets – take a sunset walk pausing to acknowledge the sun as it sets below the horizon.

4.  Fire Ceremony – the summer solstice is a time of celebrating the fire of the sun…what better way to celebrate than to have a fire ceremony?  (directions for you personal fire ceremony are below)


Create Your Own Fire Ceremony

Materials:  Wood, paper & matches for the fire, 2 Small sticks, Scented olive oil as an offering

Your Ceremony

–  Choose 2 small sticks.  1 for your personal intentions, and the other to represent your intentions for Mother Earth.

–  Build the fire.  Begin by placing the 2 pieces of kindling in the form of a Cross ( + ) on the bottom.  Then place the rest of the kindling on top of it and build a teepee of wood above/around it.

–  Create Sacred Space by calling in the four directions, the heavens, and the earth

–  Start the fire

–  If you have a drum, rattle, flute or other instrument, you may choose to play that during this time.

–  Make three offerings to the fire with scented olive oil: 

      1.  First offering the scented olive oil to each of the four directions

      2.  Second offering the scented olive oil to the heaven and the earth

      3.  Third offering the scented olive oil to the circle honoring “all” those present.

–  Watch for the fire to become “friendly”  (it will likely change and burn in a different or softer manner)  When the fire is “friendly,” you may come to the fire to offer each of your sticks holding your intentions.

–  You may wish to draw the warmth of the fire into your stomach for Right Action, heart for Right Love, and 3rd eye for Right Thought. 

–  Close Sacred Space (four directions, Earth and Heavens)

–  Remain with the fire until all flames are out.

 Have a beautiful Celebration!

& Just like the SUN…Shine Brightly!



Shopping Stones

Lori at Bead & Button ShowThis weekend was the annual Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, WI…definitely one of my favorites.  Not to mention it is relatively close to home.   Shopping stones really is an art…and it it has taken me several shows to really refine my own process.

I still remember the first show I went to, I ran out of time and didn’t even cover half of the show floor.  I was astonished by everything that was there…SO MANY STONES!…it was an absolute feast for my eyes and I was in LOVE with every stone I picked up…to say the least it was overwhelming.  I returned home exhausted, broke and with more stones than I ever imagined (not to mention more Shopping for stones, boothstones than I could possibly use). I knew I needed to do something different.

This year, I arrived at the show ready to go with a no fail system 🙂  I had so much fun, returned with everything I needed and I even felt energized!

I thought I’d share some of my tips with you in the video below.

Some of my gemstone finds…mmm…I’m so excited to begin creating!

Enjoy & Shine Brightly!