6th Chakra – 3rd Eye Chakra


Spring officially arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th, but mother nature has been showing us signs of spring for the past couple weeks.  The plants are shedding the shells that protected them through the winter and bursting out of the ground with vibrant spring greens.  The robins, herons, geese and cranes have been flying overhead filling the sky with beautiful songs.  And the weather has been warm and sunny…yes, Northeast Wisconsin has been having daily temperatures in the 70’s.

I love this season change…and I am fully embracing its arrival, spending every free moment outside…I hope you are finding opportunities to do so as well.

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Have a beautiful week!
Much love,
Lori A Andrus
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6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra

Original art in Oil on Canvas
©2011 Lori A Andrus

…the color indigo, is located at the center of your forehead.  It is responsible for all aspects of vision…clearly seeing what can and can not be seen by your physical eyes.  It is connected with intuitive knowings and seeing the big picture of life and your unique journey.

Affirmation:  “In tune with Divine inspiration, I honor the clarity of my inner vision.”

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6th Chakra Stones

Sodalite …a visionary stone.   While calming and soothing the body it awakens the subconscious mind in a manner that allows it to peacefully experience and learn from past experiences.
Iolite…creates a sense of enlightenment by awakening and strengthening your inner vision and deep knowing of your truths.
Lapis Lazuli … expands your self awareness.  It empowers you to reflect upon habits, patterns, and life lessons in order to move forward with grace and ease.
Angelite…has a clestial feel and is one that will support you in deepening your relationship with Spirit.  It invokes a sense of peace and tranquility.  It brings gentleness and compassion to all communication and vision.


5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

Wow…this past week has been incredible…full moon, warmer weather, more sunlight, and even a bit of fresh, fast melting snow.  Yes, I have offically been hit with spring fever!

With all of the changes happening outside, I am finding my self changing as well.  Over the past 5 weeks, as I have been sending out my newsletters focusing on each of the chakras, I too have been digging deep, connecting with, and exploring that particular chakra.

Then…enters my time of preparation for the throat chakra…and…I lost my voice.  For about 7 days the only words I expressed were a near whisper.  Frustrating yes, but when I finally got past how angry I was about being sick and this time of forced silence I had an opportunity to really listen to my heart and my own inner voice…the one without words, the one that speaks only the language of my soul…the language of love.  What I heard, and what I am honoring, is a calling to share my voice in new ways.

I am filled with excitement about what is to come, and I am so excited to share this with you!  Watch your mailbox this week Tuesday…

Much love,
Lori A Andrus

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

…the color blue, is located at the center of your throat.  It is responsible for all aspects of communication and expression….from honoring all of your truths to the expression of your creative spirit.

Affirmation:  With love and clarity I express my truth.

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Original Art in Oil on Canvas
©2011 Lori A Andrus

5th Chakra Stones

4th Chakra Stones

Amazonite …Vibrant & Soothing, Amazonite is sure to rejuevenate your spirit by aligning your spirit with your truth in all areas of your life.
Aquamarine …is a stone of self reflection and clear communication.  It embraces us as we delve into the infinite depths of our souls with clear vision and explore all of the beauty and magic within.
Blue Quartz …creates the feeling of being renewed and refreshed.  It washes away and cleanses all that no longer serve us.  Its watery bly color nourishes our Divine seeds…Just as the spring rain awakens the plants that have gone still through the winter, it reawakens our sense of inspiration.
Kiwi Quartz …brings balance to your emotions by empowering you with courage and creating the clarity needed to express your inner knowing.