Creative Edge…

Lori Andrus in Sedona“If we are going to learn to soar, we have to know ourselves as well as we know our craft.”
– Dewitt Jones

I just love this quote!  And this past week I took some time to do just that.  I traveled to sunny Arizona where I stepped off the beaten path to not only explore the Arizona landscape, but explore my own landscape.

It was wonderful…

I hiked, paused to watch the sunset, spent time with old friends, made new friends, and even took time to sit upon a red rock and enjoy the scenery while playing my flute for hours.

For me, sacred escapes such as this are essential to recharging my creative spirit…the deeper I know me…the further I am able to push my creative boundaries.

Each of us has a creative edge to push regardless of whether or not we acknowledge ourselves as creative.

“If creativity is falling in love with the world, then in every act I have the potential for doing something creative, my life can be my art. ”  -Dewitt Jones Lori & Amethyst

I invite you to take a moment today and “fall in love with the world.”

Shine Brightly!

Lori A Andrus



2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Original Art in Oil on Canvas ©Lori A Andrus 2011

…the color orange and located just below the navel, it is connected with all forms of creativity…from the creation of life to creative expression.
Body Parts:  ovaries, testes, prostate, spleen, uterus, bladder

Affirmation:  Knowing my authentic rhythm, I courageously express my creative spirit.

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Stones for the Sacral Chakra Root Chakra Stones

Carnelian ignites your inner fire and creative spirit.  It brings a deep sense of peace and connection with the Divine, the true source of inspiration.  This breathes life into concepts and ideas while also supporting you in taking action.

Huayruro Seed …These playful red seeds are believed to promote health and bring good luck.  They are a reminder that as we plant the seeds of our dreams, nourish them, and allow them time to grow…our dreams, just as seeds, flourish.

Red Aventurine … reminds us of our innate Creative Nature by awakening the Sacral Chakra…the center of fertility and creativity.  Red Aventurine teaches us to recognize and honor the ways in which we already creatively express ourselves, and then to push our own boundaries with that expression.