Savoring the Sweetness

Have you ever had a really great idea that feels so brilliant you want to rush into action.  Only when you do, you feel overwhelmed and quickly lose your zest for the project.  Savor the momentThis has happened to me…more than once.  I’ve met with a brilliant idea only to see my own enthusiasm fade before it’s ever brought to life because I rushed to action before its natural time.

Every idea has its own cycle, and I’ve come to realize that when those moments arrive it is a time to pause and simply savor the opening, the connection to inspiration, and savor the experience of connecting with Spirit.

Imagine those moments as just that…being with Spirit…when you do, you will recognize them as a Divine Sweetness that truly must be savored.

I’ve discovered 3 steps to really Savoring the Sweetness and allowing the inspiration to be fully birthed.

1.  Pause & take in all of your surroundings…tune into where you are, who you are with, the weather, temperature, what you’re wearing, what do you smell, see, hear, what does your body feel…do not dismiss anything

2.  Take time to journal about the idea…note everything you experienced dNature Spirit Alteruring your pause…you may even feel as though you are right back in the moment, savor it.

3.  Create an alter.  An alter is simply a space where you place objects or items that honor your inspired idea.  It offers the idea its own sacred space to grow, bloom, and in its own time come to harvest.


7th Chakra – Crown Chakra

This morning…as I have everyday for the past week…I awoke singing “Joy & Freedom. Passion & Presence.   This is your life. This is your life.” 

Yes, this is an actual song that I have been listening to nearly every day for the past 2 weeks, but this morning as I arose singing those words I began reflecting on this past week and saw how those words were a part of every experience I had.  I saw how each experience was filled with opportunities to joyfully connect with the Divine!..From spending time in nature and welcoming the spring season with friends, family, and blissfilled music to celebrating the 90th birthday of my great-aunt Marie. 

This week was truly one of “joy, freedom, passion, and presence” and it feels perfect that each of those opportunities occurred leading up to todays message where I am including the image and stones for the Crown Chakra.

I invite you to bring “joy, freedom, passion and presence” to every experience this day offers you!..because “this is Your life…this is Your life.”

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7th Chakra – Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

…the color violet, is located at the crown of your head.  It is responsible for all aspects of connecting with the Divine.

Affirmation:  “I am One with the Divine and embrace all of life as a sacred experience.”

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7th Chakra Stones7th Chakra Stones

Amethyst…provides a sense of being grounded and secure with connecting with the Divine.  It awakens a knowing of your own Divinity.
Chariote…connects one with their life’s sacred journey.  It offers the courage to step in and embrace their sacred path.
Moonstone…a stone of relection, Moonstone reflects how the rhythms and cycles of the moon mirror those in our own lives.  When we move with those cycles we experience life with grace and ease…we ebb & flow like the tide. 
Rutilated Quartz…helps one to flow with the grace & beauty of the Divine.  It expands ones vision of self, of the world, and their connection to all.

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8 Stones to Empower Your Journey


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4th Chakra – Heart Chakra


Did you know I LOVE heart centered stones?…And would you believe I have nearly 30 different designs on my website specifically for love and the heart chakra?

I was amazed too!

I have been creating jewelry for as long as I can remember…but it was not until I created a Rose Quartz necklace and stepped into my heart that I began to recognize my ability to connect with stones and create beautiful, empowering pieces of jewelry was a true gift.  Since that time I have been creating jewelry for others who are ready to step into their heart, to offer themself the gift of love and embrace the next facet of their sacred journey.
Are you ready to begin your journey?  The pathway begins in your heart!

Much love,
Lori A Andrus
Journey Jewels

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4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

4 - Heart Chakra Original art in Oil on Canvas by Lori A Andrus ©2011

…the colors green and pink, is located in the center of the chest.  The heart chakra is responsible for all aspects of giving and receiving love.  It is the gatekeeper, the center point chakra between the root and the crown chakras.  It allows energy to flow evenly between all chakras creating a bridge of love between the heavens and the earth.

Affirmation:  I know the power of unconditional love.  With an open heart I give and receive love…honoring all of Creation.

4th Chakra Stones

Rose Quartz is the stone of Love!  It creates a deep Unbound Love for self, for others, and for Mother Earth awakening an awareness of our connection with all of creation!
Pink Opal refreshes your soul and awakens you to the magnificence of the universe and all that is.
Chrysoprase awakens your heart anf fills it with joy so you may see all of life with love and compassion.
Rhodochrosite awakens a deep sense of unconditional love & compassion.  It opens the gateway at your heart connecting the experiences of your life with your inner wisdom & knowing.
Peace Jade reminds us to first find peace within ourself.  It expands the heart center connecting it with both Source and Mother Earth.
Aventurine is a stone of love and vitality.  It revitalizes your luminosity, balances the energy from your root chakra through your crown, so that you shine brightly with your heart centered truth.