Fall Equinox – Journey with Intention

“And when the seasons change again, then I will too. -Brandi Carlile

This week marks a change of seasons…one that invites us to change too!  The Fall Equinox is on Friday, September 23rd fall tree at 6:05am CST.

During the Fall Season, Mother Earth prepares for her winter slumber.  We harvest what was seeded in the spring and nurtured through summer.  We take time to offer gratitude for the fullness of our harvest, and we begin our own journey within.

Fall is a time to pause and be fully present with our inner wisdom and knowing.  Reflecting upon our dreams and the questions of our souls…we begin to recognize that the answers we seek are already alive within.  It is a time of being closer to ourselves and the magnificent truths we hold.  As we begin our journey within we are met with opportunities to seed new intentions.

Many of us are familiar with planting seeds in the spring.  But not all seeds are planted then.  Nature plants its seeds in the fall, and through the winter they slumber nurtured by Mother Earth.

We too can plant the seeds of our intentions in the fall.  Setting clear intentions is an essential part of manifesting and living your dreams…you can’t harvest corn if you didn’t plant the seed 🙂

When I set my own intentions, I do this by also empowering the crystals and stones I wear with my intentions.  I invite you to join me in doing so.  This video will share with you the process I use:

You will need a pen, paper, your favorite jewels, and your dreams!

Have fun, Enjoy this season of Change…& I would love to hear about your experience!

Shine Brightly, Lori A Andrus