Seasons of Change – Clearing Your Space

I just love this weekend…for me it feels like the gateway to fall. I know, I know…it’s not technically fall, that’s nearly a month away, but every year when this weekend arrives, the last weekend in August, I feel like the door has opened to the fall season, and for me that feels like a season of change.

Most of my life has, in someway, revolved around the school calendar, and this weekend is often the final weekend of summer vacation.  When I was young I spent this weekend at the county fair, and now I spend it at our local ‘ArtStreet’.  It feels like a time of savoring the expansiveness of summer and a time for squeezing in the last couple summer projects.

So yes, you guessed it…this weekend I did both.  I welcomed this season of change by repainting my living room and I savored the expansiveness of summer by parusing the fabulous art at ArtStreet.
My Blue Living room
Re-painting a room is an incredibly cleansing process and one that often ignites a series of changes…not to mention I just love how differently I feel after.

Of course it’s not always possible to repaint a room, but there are many ways to get that fresh feeling.  I have some tips for you on space clearing.Image

Each room in your house hosts a different purpose and energy.  As you begin your clearing process, ask yourself what you would like to feel and/or experience every time you enter this room.  Allow this to be your intention in clearing the space and imagine that in every action you are weaving this intention into the room.

1.  Clear away any and all clutter – clutter is a distraction, not to mention it holds any frustrations, fears, or other heavy energies in your space.  It will pull you away from where and how you would most like to spend your time.

2.  Wash, vacuum, dust…thoroughly clean your space

3.  Let in the light, Let in the fresh air.  Open your windows and doors

4.  Smudge – use sage (for releasing any negativity, sadness, or heaviness), sweetgrass (for welcoming a mellow soothing feeling), palo santo wood (for cleansing and refreshing) or your favorite incense.  Gently sweep the smoke from your smudge throughout the room.  Open a window to allow the smoke and cleared energy outside.

5.  Crystals & Stones – yes…these are always a part of my cleansing process.  If they’ve been in that space, I clear them too (check out this video on how to cleanse your stones).  Then I carefully select the stones that will support my intention for this space and I create a sacred arrangement withsacred arrangement to match my intention.

Here’s example of how I would use each of these tips if I were clearing my bedroom.  I like my bedroom to be a space where I feel nurtured, peaceful, loved and well rested.  So I would begin by removing anything from the space that does not support those feelings. As I cleaned, dusting under my bed and behind my furniture, I would think about how having a clean bedroom allows me to feel “nurtured, peaceful, loved, and well rested.”  As I smudged my room with sage I would also reflect on those words, releasing any thoughts or ideas that do not support that vision for my bedroom experience.  Then I would gather stones that also support those intentions and place them in a grouping on a plate on my nightstand.

Have a blast & enjoy Clearing Your Space

With the clarity of quartz, Shine Brightly!



5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

Wow…this past week has been incredible…full moon, warmer weather, more sunlight, and even a bit of fresh, fast melting snow.  Yes, I have offically been hit with spring fever!

With all of the changes happening outside, I am finding my self changing as well.  Over the past 5 weeks, as I have been sending out my newsletters focusing on each of the chakras, I too have been digging deep, connecting with, and exploring that particular chakra.

Then…enters my time of preparation for the throat chakra…and…I lost my voice.  For about 7 days the only words I expressed were a near whisper.  Frustrating yes, but when I finally got past how angry I was about being sick and this time of forced silence I had an opportunity to really listen to my heart and my own inner voice…the one without words, the one that speaks only the language of my soul…the language of love.  What I heard, and what I am honoring, is a calling to share my voice in new ways.

I am filled with excitement about what is to come, and I am so excited to share this with you!  Watch your mailbox this week Tuesday…

Much love,
Lori A Andrus

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

…the color blue, is located at the center of your throat.  It is responsible for all aspects of communication and expression….from honoring all of your truths to the expression of your creative spirit.

Affirmation:  With love and clarity I express my truth.

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Original Art in Oil on Canvas
©2011 Lori A Andrus

5th Chakra Stones

4th Chakra Stones

Amazonite …Vibrant & Soothing, Amazonite is sure to rejuevenate your spirit by aligning your spirit with your truth in all areas of your life.
Aquamarine …is a stone of self reflection and clear communication.  It embraces us as we delve into the infinite depths of our souls with clear vision and explore all of the beauty and magic within.
Blue Quartz …creates the feeling of being renewed and refreshed.  It washes away and cleanses all that no longer serve us.  Its watery bly color nourishes our Divine seeds…Just as the spring rain awakens the plants that have gone still through the winter, it reawakens our sense of inspiration.
Kiwi Quartz …brings balance to your emotions by empowering you with courage and creating the clarity needed to express your inner knowing.

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra


Did you know I LOVE heart centered stones?…And would you believe I have nearly 30 different designs on my website specifically for love and the heart chakra?

I was amazed too!

I have been creating jewelry for as long as I can remember…but it was not until I created a Rose Quartz necklace and stepped into my heart that I began to recognize my ability to connect with stones and create beautiful, empowering pieces of jewelry was a true gift.  Since that time I have been creating jewelry for others who are ready to step into their heart, to offer themself the gift of love and embrace the next facet of their sacred journey.
Are you ready to begin your journey?  The pathway begins in your heart!

Much love,
Lori A Andrus
Journey Jewels

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4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

4 - Heart Chakra Original art in Oil on Canvas by Lori A Andrus ©2011

…the colors green and pink, is located in the center of the chest.  The heart chakra is responsible for all aspects of giving and receiving love.  It is the gatekeeper, the center point chakra between the root and the crown chakras.  It allows energy to flow evenly between all chakras creating a bridge of love between the heavens and the earth.

Affirmation:  I know the power of unconditional love.  With an open heart I give and receive love…honoring all of Creation.

4th Chakra Stones

Rose Quartz is the stone of Love!  It creates a deep Unbound Love for self, for others, and for Mother Earth awakening an awareness of our connection with all of creation!
Pink Opal refreshes your soul and awakens you to the magnificence of the universe and all that is.
Chrysoprase awakens your heart anf fills it with joy so you may see all of life with love and compassion.
Rhodochrosite awakens a deep sense of unconditional love & compassion.  It opens the gateway at your heart connecting the experiences of your life with your inner wisdom & knowing.
Peace Jade reminds us to first find peace within ourself.  It expands the heart center connecting it with both Source and Mother Earth.
Aventurine is a stone of love and vitality.  It revitalizes your luminosity, balances the energy from your root chakra through your crown, so that you shine brightly with your heart centered truth.